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Campsite GITES de France 4 épis

Campsite Entre2Songes

Welcome to the unusual campsite "Entre2Songes"


Welcome to "Entre2Songes", at Isabelle, Rodolphe, Yann and Hugues.

You will be welcomed on your arrival in a Creole garden, entirely maintained by the owners of the premises. It is a true exotic paradise, which shelters 45 species of fruits and vegetables, among which will be your shelters. Sneaker pants remain essential.

This reception area is family run. The structure does not have a secretariat or permanent reception.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a homestay, let us know of your arrival, by text message, or by phone call, otherwise you risk having the inhabitants absent.

ATTENTION: Our sloping terrain does not allow us to accommodate large family tents with several rooms. Only single tents are possible.

We make every effort to immerse you in the authenticity and the Creole way of life, in a friendly and family spirit.


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Do not try to join us in an office, there is none, you are with local gardeners.

Relying on our website brings greater peace of mind for the preparation of your stay, including our spaces.


Where are we located.

A 10-minute walk from the historic center of the village, this accommodation is fully integrated into the heritage theme of the village of Entre Deux where Creole hut, century-old fruit trees , many exotic flora and fauna will enchant and charm you. Who says garden, says adapted outfits for the prevention of our exotic fauna friends present 🐇 🐈 🐓 🐜 🐝 🦟 🐟 🐣 🐸.

For lovers of vegetation and cooking, it is an ideal place to learn to recognize or know the species that make up the richness of Reunionese cuisine.

Integrated within the agricultural district of Bras Long, the proximity of the village and the district (1 minute by car) promote calm and rest for our guests. House particularly suitable for hikers, lovers of nature and calm.

To contact us the sms, text message, or email are facilitators. Thank you so much

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For groups, and all people who want to party, put on some music, we recommend more suitable camping spaces that are our colleagues:
- 'Le verger de la chapelle' DDJS youth campsite can be reached on +262 692 12 37 85.
- 'Le domaine du bras de la plaine' can be reached by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

who will be happy to welcome you for these festive moments.

We are waiting for you for a moment of rejuvenation and will welcome you with open arms... See you soon!


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